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Mass DM/Lead Gen focuses on hyper-targeting DM’s on IG to get leads, website clicks, followers, etc

Wanting to get the word out about your

Offer ? Product ? Service ?

Or drive traffic to these but not quite sure what the best way is to do it?

Sure, you could spend time sending messages from your own profile but this would be far too time-consuming, and if you do it in a spam like manner, may even cause issues with your account.

You could automate it using software or pay another company to do this for you, however they would require your password, and may also cause issues with your account. You don’t want to compromise on account security or longevity.

If only there were a safe, effective, fast way to spread the word about your offer/product or service without;

1) Having to give your password/login ❌
2) Having to worry about limitations/harm to your own account – after all, we’re wanting to grow this long term ❌
3) Having to spend your own valuable time managing the messages and process yourself ❌
4) Taking an unnecessarily long time to yield any result or benefit ❌

Introducing Surge Social’s Mass DM service. We can send 25k to 1M DM’s to get your offer the traffic it deserves, get your business and your Instagram followers gaining organic growth and traction so that they can grow effectively within an incredible turn-around on results ✅

    Check these results


    Choose Among Dozens of Filters

    Followers of an @instagram user

    Eg: Followers of @loreal


    Followings of an @instagram user

    Eg: Pages @loreal follows

    Hashtags Targets

    Eg: #NailsSouthAfrica #BlackLivesMatter

    Language Filter

    Eg: English, French, etc

    Geo Location

    Eg: UK, New York, etc

    Gender Preference

    i.e. Male Or Female

    Current Story Posted

    Options: Y/N


    Private Accounts

    Options: Y/N

    Profile Picture

    Options: Y/N

    Business Accounts

    Options: Y/N

    Followers Count

    Eg: 500-5000 Followers

    Followings Count

    Eg: 100-1500 Following

    Number of Posts

    Eg: 25-500 Feed Posts


    Last Post Update

    X days before (0-90)

    Keywords in Bio

    Required / desired

    Keywords to Avoid

    Eg: Sales, Swear words, etc

    Keywords to Target

    Eg: Beauty, Tech, etc

    Followings Count

    Eg: 100-1500 Following

    Utilize DMs: Direct way to reach your prospects

    DMs are typically sent over a 12-48 hour timeframe depending on the package.

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    What People Are Saying

    This is the best thing I have ever used. I'm finding this to be a more cost effective way to advertise compared to traditional social media advertising methods

    Chris Atkinson, Musician

    From the time that the DM's started, my inbox was flooding with leads! These leads reached out to me, all I had to do was discuss my product/offer a little further in the dm's and the conversion rate was outstanding! I am super satisfied with this service."

    Steven Sobti, Business Owner

    I was skeptical at first about this service but this is the real deal. I have ordered 4x from Sam in the last month (my initial order, and then 3 repeats because I was so happy with the results I received).

    James Desilva, Business Owner


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